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At Eastern Construction, we provide a comprehensive building service.

Whether it is a completely new development, renovation of an existing building or a new fit out contract our team have the expertise to deliver and excel for the client to ensure the contract will be completed on time, on budget and in exceeding the client’s expectations. We like to pride ourselves in understanding our Clients requirements and working closely with them to deliver the contracts with minimal impact on both the environment and the public at large.


Projects we have worked on:

  • 10,000 sq m Cowshed – Salazie
  • Columbia Court – Port Louis
  • Flacq Police headquarters – Flacq
  • Orchard Kids Primary School – Hermitage
  • Riche Terre Warehouse – Riche Terre
  • Les Lauriers – Pte aux Canonniers
  • Les Lauriers – Mont Choisy
  • Les Lauriers – Pereybere
  • RHS Training School – Triolet
  • Multi-purpose Complex – Cite Vallijee
  • Morcellement Massilia Phase 1
  • Roches Noires IRS project – Roches Noires
  • Villa Beeharry – Fond du Sac
  • 18 Villas with Swimming Pool -Nundlall Investments Group
  • Domaine Les Cascades – Arsenal